My piece is BEAUTIFUL! I love everything in it. Immediately I felt the power of it. Very highly energetic. It's only been a couple days, but I feel such a shift in my being! It's a confident, empowering feeling!

Michael A.

Los Angeles

" They look and feel amazing, and the energy they emit is off the charts!

They are awesome!!"


   Manon N.

The Netherlands

   Sedona    Rock Lady

Soul Connector 

~Energy Tools~

Andara Crystal Pendulum

~High Vibe Jewelry~

Sheila Gale 


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Soul Connectors 

Andara Pyramid

"The Energy in Sheila's tools is off the charts!"

Aurora Luna


"The energy that comes off these things is amazing!"

Tamra Oviatt


Pocket Guide  

Charging Plate 4"

Andara Pyramid

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