~Soul Connectors~

~High Vibe Jewelry~

My piece is BEAUTIFUL! I love everything in it. Immediately I felt the power of it. Very highly energetic. It's only been a couple days, but I feel such a shift in my being! It's a confident, empowering feeling!

Michael A.

Los Angeles

" They look and feel amazing, and the energy they emit is off the charts!

They are awesome!!"


   Manon N.

The Netherlands

   Sedona Rock Lady

~Energy Tools~

Andara Crystal Pendant

Sheila Gale

Tower of Power

Pocket Guide /Tower of Power

Tetrahedron Pyramid

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Charging Plate 4" x 1"

Andara Pyramid

"The Energy in Sheila's tools is off the charts!"

Aurora Luna


Pocket Guide  

"The energy that comes off these things is amazing!"

Tamra Oviatt


Andara Pentagonal Pyramid

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