THE JOURNEY

Sheila was unwilling to go on with her life as it was. Her demand to Universe was, “I'm done! Either show me a way to live in joy, or I don't want to be here anymore.”  What happened next was a series of miracles and synchronicities that led her on an epic adventure that completely transformed her life.

Sheila discovered the 'Blueprint for Joy', a way of livingin the Flow of Nature’s energy, stress-free, with joy, no matter what is going on. Her journey led her to Sedona, Arizona to a property where she stopped to ask a man if she could feed carrots to his horse. That man, Michael, is now Sheila's fiancee and together they have activated this sacred native land, built a Labyrinth, and offer visits to receive this powerful healing energy from this portal for awakening. When I was shown HOW to live, by doing just a few things differently, gift after gift  showed up and continues to show up daily.  Sheila offers her formula for living the best life ever, as well as Nature retreats, and horse therapy when she’s not busy walking her Healing Circle, sitting in Nature and creating beautiful art healing tools called,

'Soul Connectors'.

In her own words:

 Through 100% divine guidance I create powerful, hi-vibe energy tools and jewelry to assist you in your awakening. We all need to get back to Nature, to go within. This is like having Nature with you at all times, maintaining that calm, delicious Nature flow and balance. All my art has magical, positive energy, infused, imbued, and soaked in vortex energy from our Labyinth/Healing Circle at the base of Courthouse Butte on Sedona's Ley line.

 'Soul Connectors' do exactly that. They connect you to your highest Self, your Soul, and work as a catalyst for your awakening. The higher frequencies are contained in each piece using Sedona vortex crystals, herkimer diamond and the superconductor rarest of healing crystals, Andara, from the collection of Lady Nellie. They are bathed in Solfeggio~Gaia Healing Earth's Frequency 7.83hz Music (Schumann Resonance) I use non toxic resin, healing copper, gold, silver and the highest quality crystals. Each piece is programmed and infused for healing and manifesting abundance.

Orgone energy occurs when crystals and metals are combined under pressure. Adding resin, metals & crystals together with the correct ratio, this Orgone energy is proven to transmute negative energy into positive. Not only do these pieces help you, they help the space around you to clear toxic EMF's from cell phones and wi-fi. I intuitively choose your piece, as each is a one of a kind, created and intended for you. They are made with unbounded love, joy, theta healing, heart awakening and countless blessings.


Sheila Gale teaches how to  heal through spending time in Nature. "Our true Mother, Mother Nature, is calling us to return to her. Immerse yourself in her, where healing properties and energies are available to us, for free, by physically touching the Earth and where by sitting, all life's questions will be answered." 

After abruptly  ending her career in the public eye for 34 years as a radio personality in 2017, Sheila's world came crumbling down. Being a seeker of truth and  after interviewing hundreds of healers, and New Age speakers, Sheila was not happy or satisfied in any way.  On July 4th, she bought a used car, left her childhood home, her children and started on a journey, not knowing where she was going or what she would do.




For information on products, Nature coaching sessions or to book a Labyrinth Walk, contact Sheila at:


Sheila, Sundance and Serena