Meet Sheila

                    THE JOURNEY


“I couldn’t interview one more person. I searched and searched for life’s meaning, for happiness, and I was miserable!.”

Sheila was unwilling to go on with her life as it was. Her demand to Universe was,“I'm done! Either show me another way to live or I don't want to be here anymore.”  What happened next was a series of miracles leading her on an epic adventure that completely transformed her life.

Sheila Gale Kandlbinder lived in the public eye for more than 34 years as an actress and radio personality. She abruptly ended her tenor as a top teleseminar and radio host for Spirituality and New Thought in 2017 when her world came crumbling down. Being a seeker of truth and awakening, and after interviewing hundreds of healers, Sheila still suffered with addiction and alcoholism. On July 4th She bought a used car, left her childhood home, and started on  a journey, not knowing where she was going, or what she would do.



Sheila, Sundance and Serena

Sheila discovered the Blueprint for Joy, a way to live in the Flow of Nature’s energy, stress free, in joy, no matter what is going on in life. Her journey led her to Sedona,  Arizona where she now lives her fiancee, new dog Tory and her horse, Sundance. When I discovered HOW to live, this recipe for living, gift after gift simply showed up, and continue to show up daily.  Sheila offers her formula for living the best life ever, as well as life coaching, when she’s not busy hiking or creating art from the Sedona red rocks.



In Sheila’s Words

“I started to consciously feel joy, before there was evidence to have joy, just 10 seconds at a time, until it became my natural state.  I asked for guidance while listening and trusting only my intuition. When we step out of the Matrix and into Nature, healing occurs. For 6 months I sat and walked in Nature and felt better and better. I would look at rocks all day. I was guided to collect these vortex red rocks and found them stunningly beautiful. I washed them off and lay in bed staring at them, admiring them. I could not stop. I kept asking, “Why am I doing this?!” 


My higher gifts of started to bloom. I discerned the difference in thinking and receiving information. My monkey mind stopped. I finally met me, and fell in love. It’s about being selfish, exactly what we are taught not to be. The best thing you can do for your loved ones, is put you first. Even with life’s biggest challenges, there is a way to live in joy and remain barely affected.  


Through 100% divine instruction I create powerful, hi-vibe energy tools and jewelry to assist you in your life journey. We all need to get back to Nature, to go within. This is like having Nature with you at all times, maintaining that calm, delicious Nature flow ad balance. All my art has magical, positive energy, infused, imbued, and soaked in vortex energy from our Labynith at the base of Courthouse Butte on Sedona Ley lines. My Orgonites contain  vortex red rocks, and the superconductor rarest of healing crystals, Andara from the collection of Lady Nellie in the Sierras. They also have rocks and crystals from Mt. Shasta, Bliss Beach in Carmel, healing copper, gold, and many more hi vibe gems. They contain the highest resonance of Solfeggio music for healing, and manifesting abundantly.  Each piece is one of a kind, created and intended for whoever receives it, with unbounded love,  joy, theta healing and for your heart awakening and healing.

The most amazing discovery is that the land we live on in Sedona is Sacred Native land on a Ley line, within a Vortex. We were both guided to build a Labyrinth using vortex red rocks. All products spend time within the Circle to  infuse and soak these great healing and awakening energies that work with Organ energy continuously.  

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