Living In 100% Faith~

As life is evolving and time is escalating, we are thriving, and  blossoming, hopefully. We have worked on deleting, and unlearning all our previous programming, concepts, and beliefs. We are learning to live in the now and take all of our instructions from God. I have been living this way for 10 months now, and life has never been better or more peaceful.

I moved to Sedona in July 2017 and I was feeling kind of antsie. I kept asking, "What am I suppose to do? Show me!"(that is my standard daily prayer) After 2 weeks I was having breakfast with 6 friends, 4 of whom I had never met. Norman sat next to me and shared that he lives in Thailand and runs a retreat center called, "Imagine Thailand." The breakfast was uneventful but nice.  A week later Norman contacted me to see if I could join him for coffee. We met at Whole Foods and had a lovely hour of sharing. At the end of the meeting he said, "I'd love for you to come to Thailand and help me promote it. You can stay for a month, on me, to see if you want to stay." I was so honored that in 1 hour he would make that offer. I had just moved into a nice house with a friend and was paying rent.

I've never been to Thailand but I wasn't gung ho on going, yet still feeling

not quite right living in Sedona. I have learned that when you don't know what to do, to do the next thing that feels the best. It did feel exciting to think of going, so I said , "yes."  It was the next thing that felt good for me. So, I put my stuff in storage, rented out my room and my car, and went. I had no idea where I was going after this.

My experience in Thailand was life changing. I lived in an amazing bungalo with 3 delicious meals prepared for me each day. I would sit on my balcony and enjoy the warm Monsoon Rains, as I studyed the comings and goings of the Coconut Farm next door. They would open each by hand using a spear, while barefoot. Every 2 weeks a man with a monkey would come. Using a long leash the monkey would climb each tree and rip off the coconuts and drop them. Water buffalo were my neighbors and it was like I went back in time 100 years.

I was able to help Norman with marketing but after 2 weeks I knew I could'nt live there permanantly, and decided to come back to the U.S. I had no idea where I would go, but remember, I am now living in 100% faith that I am

always being led and guided. I called my ex roomate in Sedona and mentioned that I think I would like to try Sedona again. Then, I let it go. The next day she found a woman on facebook looking for a roomate. She hooked us up and I am now living with one of the most extraordinary women I have ever met! Everything feels right about where I live and I LOVE Sedona.

When you live in 100% faith, there's no turning back. It is the best way to live! I don't try to figure things out or try to make something happen, anymore. To live this way relieves all the stress, pain and suffereing. We try to control things. I was addicted to controlling my life, my children's lives, the weather, other people, etc. Giving up control is another great relief. You will be reminded of this by simply observing Nature. No one if freaking out or worried that there won't be enough food. Abundance abounds. Seriously watch Nature. It is harmonious and always teaching us.

Unless I have an appointment, I rarely decide what I'm going to do each day until that morning. I go with the flow, like Nature. There is no where to go and nothing to get. In the end, I believe the one that wins in life, is the one who enjoys the ride. Live in Faith and use your intuition to receive the instructions. Stop thinking so much. You're doing it right. We just need to shift into that Nature Energy. One of the hardest challenges I first had after moving away from Monterey was feeling like I should be doing something. That is our programming. I have learned more about life and how to live in joy, since I stopped doing and started Being.

It's time to be selfish. We have done and given our whole lives. It's now time to invest in you. Go within, use your fine silver, go on that trip you have only dreamed of. Before I started living this way, I was waiting to die. 

If you missed my call,  

 you can purchase it now for $44.00. This is a practical, easy, step by step, guide for living your life in a whole new way. It is everything I did differently these last 10 months that has my life  full of ease, joy, health and satisfaction, no matter what's going on in my life! You will receive this hour and a half recorded call, plus an outline of the steps to literally start living in the now, getting into the most wonderful feeling, and creating a new habit that will transform your life, easily. Here's what people are saying:

  "For the very first time I understood lots of the teachings I had read before but never really assimilated. Your clear direction, your sharing of your experiences helped enormously. At last! A practical approach that wasn't just conceptual and I could put into practice straight away. 

I listened to the teleconference 3 times over the course of the day. 

The difference in my mood in 24 hours is amazing. I feel lighter and more relaxed and just plain happier. Nothing external has shifted but perhaps for the first time I really understand that joy can come, regardless of those external circumstances."

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