Living in Joy~ with love from Sheila

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

The way to live in Joy, is to first understand exactly how the Law of Attraction works. It is simply this. How you feel is what attracts everything to you. If you are sad, or mad, or fearful, the Universe will send you experiences and circumstances that match that frequency. So the key is to get into that high frequency Joy state, and everything that mirrors that high frequency, will show up in your reality.

Your circumstances will change once you change how you feel. How you FEEL creates the changes in your circumstances. All you have to do is feel great and have 100% Faith that the Universe has your back. You will be guided the way we were meant to be, in a natural, harmoniuous, joyful rhythm. When you make this change a gentle shift occurs and that’s how you get in Life’s Flow, The Quantum Field, Nature Energy. Thinking about it, reading about it or willing yourself into that quantum field is not get you there. You just have to start a few new habits, like staying consciously aware of what you allow yourself to think about.

How It Works~

Pick a thought that will make you feel really good. Imagine the best feeling thought you have access to right now…Imagine feeling even greater. Imagine the best feeling in the world. You may have a memory that you can access for this exercise. When I did this, I chose to imagine a future life, where I could feel free from responsibilities, on an exciting adventure, doing what I love, and getting paid well for it. I imagined my life without fear, or worry. I imagined not trying to make something happen anymore, to allow God/Universe to guide me, listening only to my intuition, perfectly guided without trying to control anything. I imagined attracting my perfect relationship, unlike any I’ve ever had. The kind I had only dreamt were possible. Once you invoke that high vibrational awesome feeling, stay there for just 10 seconds. Then, go there for 10 seconds at a time, throughout your day. Do it the first thing in the morning and make it the last thing you do at night. Wear a string or rubber band around your wrist to remind you. Put post-it notes that say JOY, everywhere you’ll see them. Do what it takes to remind you to go there often, just 10 seconds at a time. You will begin to notice after a few days that you’re circumstances are changes without your input. That high vibration begins to expand and expand, and soon it will be your natural state of mind.

What can you think of or imagine that will put you in the highest feeling state? Maybe it’s laying with your lover, (known or yet to be known) in front of a fireplace in total peace & love, or your favorite music. Think of a riding a horse or a Harley, or hugging your grand children, hugging your dog, swimming with dolphins, feeling 100% financially free, doing what you love with no stress at all in your life. Maybe it’s standing alone in a redwood forest, going with the flow, with ease and joy. God is directing you all the way on your amazing brand, new, adventure, spending lots of time in Nature. You are thriving and flourishing and happy….this is how you imagined life should be. Feel into that feeling..make it even greater..feel joy, excitement, love, euphoria… feel it...remember this feeling….go back to it always just for 10 seconds at a time

Below is a list of things to remember on your path to Awakening. I’ve shared what has worked for me, although each path is unique. I know you will tap into this most delicious way of living as long as your intention is solid. I will never allow anything to disturb the Joy that I live each day. Nothing!

The only way your life will change into the life of your dreams, is to stay vigilant to your thoughts and how you feel! That is the fuel for your dreams. This is a Dream so Dream big! That is the paintbrush for your blank canvas, This is all a Dream. A 3rd dimensional Dream but still a Dream. What you feel is what you get. Use the technique I gave you to get yourself in a joyous, ecstatic state, just for 10 seconds. Next, memorize that feeling and go there often….10 seconds at a time all day. Tie a ribbon on your wrist to remind you. You have the keys to happiness~ Do it like your life depends on it, because it does!

1. Get into your happy feeling 2. Have 100% Faith that the Universe that is guiding you all the time 3. Every day say, “Show me what to do!” Use ONLY God (intuition) as your guide in life 4. If it feels right & light do it! If it feels heavy or not joyous, say no. 5. Do the next thing that feels the best…. 6. Pick a mantra or a few words to guide you away from your thoughts, into trust (“I Am the Light, the light I Am”….”I Am, that I Am”…or Tamra’s “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy” (a few ideas) also say “cancel cancel” every time you catch yourself obsessing or trying to figure out your future, during financial fears, worrying, etc.
~The importance of allowing whatever happens to happen ~Experience life in Child-like wonder ~It’s all about how you feel ~Let go of ‘meaning’ ~Detach with love to all family members ~Remain detached ~Remain unattached to the outcome of anything ~Everything happens the way it’s suppose to

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