Your Circumstances Don't Determine Your Joy~Feel Joy First & Your Circumstances Will Change!

Why did it take me 65 years to find the blueprint for living?! Now that I discovered it, I will never live any other way. My life is lived in Joy, peace and satisfaction, no matter what is going on. You are everything you've been looking for! It's true. I wish I could wave a magic wand over everyone on the Planet with this magic Joy Dust.

What I've discovered is that once you create a Joy state, and experience it for just 10 seconds, that, is the key to freedom like nothing you could ever imagine. For once you generate this epic feeling for yourself, then you consciously go there throughout the day, for just 10seconds at a time. This great feeling then expands and expands and soon this is your natural state of being. It is the Quantum field, Nature energy, the Joy state.

This is God realized. Once you start living in Joy, the Universe responds with a fervor. Negative circumstances naturally shift. Greater, positive, events and experiences abound, and you are home free. No matter how bad it is, or how hopeless your situation, all will magically change once you Master your vibration. We have so much help from the heavens and elementals. We are all shifting to the 4th and 5th dimension where love, joy and ease abound. Obsessive, annoying thoughts, cease. You live automatically in the present, and life is like a magical adventure.

The only requirement is to want it more than anything and to be willing to consciously create a few new habits, like continuously going to your happy feeling 10 seconds at a time, throughout the day. Watch your thoughts and say cancel, cancel whenever you catch yourself doing negative self talk. How you feel, is how to manifest everything in your life. Feel good and good will come. Feel angy or depressed and you will attract more. You have the key. You are the one who must make the change. This cannot be done by anyone for you.

May your life be a glorious adventure. May you thrive and flourish in every area of your life.

I love you!



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