Baby Boomers & ADHD

by, Sheila Gale

    The realization late in life, that you have ADHD, plus the shock of realizing all the ramifications it has had in your life, can be overwhelming. I spent  days crying as I mourned my entire 69 years of apologizing for myself and for what could have been. We have been totally mis-understood and suffered needlessly, had only we'd known. It is an extremely life changing experience and while it is transformational, it can be tumultuous. You will look back and see all the labels given you by family members, and you will understand that there's nothing wrong with you. There never was.

I have recently been through this and I am here to listen to you and give you loving guidance as you navigate this epic journey back to you. I have many videos, talks, and recent articles articles by ADHD experts and great resources for excellent support groups for you and your partner. The information is massive and so important for you to know. There are thousands of Baby Boomers still out there who don't even know they have this, or that help. You must be thoroughly heard, and family members are not the best choice of listeners for this,