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Sheila Gale is a catalyst for personal growth and Spiritual Awakening. 

The truth is, the moment you make the commitment to work with me, the work begins. This powerful session will delve deeply into your life's mission and help you to address and delete any blocks in your way, whether conscious or unconscious. Your session will focus on your intentions and clearing your pathway to expedite your calling. You will learn and use a proven method, a blueprint for living an extraordinary life. If you have been on the Spiritual path, and feel frustrated that nothing is moving with ease, joy, and abundance, this is the perfect next step for you.
Using Sheila's "Blueprint for Joy' you will get an in depth

personal road map that will assist you in living a full, and

 joyful life.


 ~ Learn how to live in 100% Faith

 ~ Learn to love yourself                                           
 ~ Begin living free of fear
 ~ Learn to manifest with ease
 ~ Become happy for no reason
 ~ Enjoy better physical and mental health








"Thank you Sheila, You're the Mother Theresa of self-evolution."


Susan Gaca,

Omaha, NE

We offer 3 and 5 day retreats for 1 to 5 people. Book a 15 min. call below if you'd like to see if this experience is right for you, We offer: horse therapy, labyrinth walks, drumming circle, rock therapy, nature hikes, yoga on the red rocks and more. You will spend 90% of your time quietly in Nature.


Pre-booking questions?  Contact Sheila  

Sedona Retreat 15 min Call
15 min
Session with Sheila
1 hr