Each Pendulum is approx. 2 1/2 to 3  inches with a 5 to 6 inch chain. They are activated and alive. Keep it close to you. Look at it throughout your day. Give it your intention. These powerful tools for your awakening were created on sacred land, on Sedona's ley line, in the vortex. Each crystal inside is cleansed with salt water, placed in the Sun and saged. Andaras are rare and one of the most powerful spiritual tools on the Earth, known for rapid spiritual awakening, DNA & Karmic clearing & accelerating manifestations. Sedona red rock crystals are very grounding. I was guided to add them together with Mt. Shasta basalt, 24 K gold leaf, copper, tourmaline, 7 quartz crystals and 12 K gold dust. Each pendulum is infused with Solfeggio God frequency music for healing & wealth, placed in the center of Courthouse Butte Labyrinth, surrounded by many Andara crystals and programmed with the intention that your life thrive in joy, with great health, love and satisfaction. Made with love by me, Sheila.   *You may request a red, blue or green theme...or mixed...they may mix colors or not and you may request a dominant color....as long as supply lasts.

Andara Crystal Pendant

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  • Each piece takes 4 to 5 hours to make. No two are alike. Each is specially created intuitively, and there are no refunds.We ship with Priority mail. Shipping will be calculated when you order. Customers outside the U.S check your countries taxes, and import fees before buying.. Email us with any questions and we're happy to help you.  skgale @gmail.com