How to Remain Unaffected During Life's Storms
In this online class you will learn a simple technique that will allow you to stay in your joyful state no matter what comes your way.
We have learned in Blueprint for Joy how to create and amaintain a joyous state of mind. Often when a problem, circumstance or crisis situation arises, we.. plumet back down to a lower frequency of fear, stress and anxiety. Our harmony is disrupted and it's as if our all hard work to maintain Joy is lost. It never has to be that way. We have choice in every second of our life.
This work will catapult you forward toward a life of peace, joy and contentment, no matter what arises. 
It is recommended that you do Blueprint for Joy before taking this class. You can purchase it here


"You're the Mother Theresa of self evolution.

Thank you Sheila, "

Sincerely ,

Susan Gaca,

 Omaha, NE


"You are such a blessing to us all. Thank you for being you, for the speakers on your show and for your compassionate, caring, loving and Christ like purity that gives every one of us the will to strive for what we know inside is our birthright. You have kept us connected to source through your honesty year after year and together the community can soar in oneness to the ultimate goal of life. You have been a major player in the game of life -

Thank you so much Sheila."

In gratitude, love, and silence.




"God Bless You Sheila! I love you! We all love you!! :)

You do such amazing work and bring so much goodness and greatness into our world. I 'wish' I could do it.. honestly. You are so awesome. Thank you for making my life easier and more joyful... like really. I love your sincerity and genuineness, your voice and the way you hold a beautiful space for everyone listening in. Thank you so much."


Khai ​ ​


“I listened to the teleconference 3 times over the course of the day. I consciously kept returning to my joyful feeling. The difference in my mood in 24 hours is amazing! I feel lighter and more relaxed and just plain happier. For the first time I really understand that joy can come, regardless of those external circumstances. I just wanted to say thank you and just share the ripple effect of your teleconference. It has made such a genuine difference to me. Thank you!”





How to Remain Unaffected During Life's Storms

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