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Healing Through Nature

65 min

It’s exciting and scary witnessing the changes  happening on our Planet. What a perfect time to slow down, and question everything. To unplug from the news, and go within, where all you’re seeking awaits you.  Find Nature, and go there. Listen to the trees, notice everything. Tap into your inner GPS system, and all will be revealed and healed. Once I took the plunge into the unknown, my life became the most magical and satisfying adventure. Mother Nature is calling us home. Pay attention to the call. Everything you’re looking for is here.


In Michael Singer’s, The Untethered Soul, he speaks of how he decided he was not going to make a move until he felt divinely inspired, until he felt it in his core, using his intuition. It was the first time I had heard of someone living in 100% faith, who became super successful in every way, by staying in the Nature flow, following his intuition, only. Today, that is the only way I live and I have never been happier. I have no stress, worries or fears. They simply fall away once you get into this vibration, rhythm.


Healing Through Nature