“I LOVE these beautiful pieces!  Thank you for putting these incredible pieces of individualized energy art together!!”

M. Nuri


"Sheila's jewelry is a gift from nature's
mineral kingdom, inspired and created
and infused with love, sacred geometry
and  good medicine for you "    
Dana Ross
Sedona, AZ

~Soul Connectors~

ALL MY PIECES are 100% Divinely inspired and created by me. I use the most powerful crystals, rocks, and gems infused with Sedona healing vortex energy, on the Ley line. When you place your order your piece will look similar, but not exactly like the photo, as no 2 are alike. All sales are final. I create each one, and spend 4 hours with them before they go into the Labyrinth for a day. These wonderful partners are here to assist you in your awakening. Energy Amplifiers continuously work to convert negative energy to positive energy. They also pull EMFs from the area.

"These pieces are simply Magical and bring the essence of Sedona home."

Mary Hancock

Sedona, AZ

I Love mine!  It works on me everyday!

I really know when I don’t have it on and it

seems to help people around you also!!



Santa Cruz, CA
Thank you


Each crystal is cleaned and cleared with Himalayan salt, then energized by the Sun surrounded by 5 Andara Crystals. They are then energized inside Courthouse Butte Labyrinth by the Vortex energy with the intention for your life to thrive.

Each Pyramid contains Andara crystal, Sedona red rock crystal, volcanic Basalt from Mt. Shasta, Tourmaline, Malachite, Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose quartz, Citrine, Peridot and various Quartz crystals. I shape by hand Sacred geometry symbols with copper, silver, brass or silver plated wire. In goes 12 Karat gold dust, 24 karat Gold leaf, and non toxic resin (no VOC’s) . I set the intention for your full awakening, unfathomable abundance, great health, an epic life adventure, and infinite love. They are bathed and infused with beautiful 963 Hz music~ The God Frequency | Awaken Kundalini | Pineal Gland Activation | Miracle Tone | Solfeggio frequency recording by “Simply Hypnotic.”. I use Theta healing, Deeksha, and hold the intention for you to THRIVE in Joy with more love than you can imagine. 

What's In Them?

Andara Crystals

Discovered in 1967 in California’s high Sierras, Andaras are rare and powerful spiritual tools on the Earth known for rapid spiritual awakening, DNA & Karmic clearing, and accelerated manifestation. All products contain Andara crystals, Sedona Red Rock Crystals, Basalt from Mt. Shasta, plus many other quartz crystal, copper, 12 Karat gold dust and more. Each piece is created on the Sedona ley line, within a vortex on Sacred Native land energized on Courthouse Butte Labyrinth, infused with healing Solfeggio 963 Hz God Frequency and awakening kundalini music, Theta Healing and love.  Sheila's intention is for your life to thrive in joy, health, love and abundance. 

Sedona Red Rock Crystal~

Ignored by rock hounds because it is not bright and shiny,  Sheila spent 6 months collecting, admiring, and communing with these stunning red rocks… they have tiny crystals inside and are extremely grounding. Known as chert, Native Ancestors made arrowheads and other tools from them. Today they are used for spiritual enhancement as a powerful tool for awakening. Sheila was guided to put a rock in all of her pieces. All rocks were found on the Sedona Ley line and Courthouse Butte Vortex, on private land.

Sacred Geometry is the thread behind all living things. Whether observed in nature, art, math, science, or within spirituality, these ancient geometric patterns are the keys to our Awakening, Ascension and ultimately, to Unity Consciousness. Each piece has Sacred Geometry symbols or copper geometric shapes which when combined with crystals and metals, can amplify your awakening. All products have geometric symbols in them in copper, brass or silver.

Energy Amplifiers/Orgone

Orgone Energy was first discovered in 1933 by Dr. Wilhelm Reich who found that when resin, crystal rock, and metal are combined, a powerful positive energy occurs (orgone) which transmutes dark negative energy. Orgonites are used to aid in spiritual expansion, psychological well-being, and protection from harmful EMF emissions from microwave and cell phones.



~Deeper Clarity and Intuition                                                     
~Increased Access to Universal Knowledge

~Better sleep

~Pets stay calmer

~More energy 

~Neutralizes cell and microwave EMF output

~Less Fear and Anxiety

Energy Amplifiers continuously work to convert negative energy to positive energy. They also pull EMFs from the area.

*Please note these products are not a replacement for doctors or health care professionals if medical treatment is needed.