“I LOVE these beautiful pieces!  Thank you for putting these incredible pieces of individualized energy art together!!”

M. Nuri



~Soul Connectors~

"Sheila's jewelry is a gift from nature's
mineral kingdom, inspired and created
and infused with love, sacred geometry
and  good medicine for you "    
Dana Ross
Sedona, AZ

ALL MY PIECES are 100% Divinely inspired and created by me. I use the most powerful crystals, rocks, and gems infused with Sedona healing vortex energy, on the Ley line. When you place your order your piece will look similar, but not exactly like the photo, as no 2 are alike. All sales are final. I create each one, and spend 4 hours with them before they go into the Labyrinth for a day. These wonderful partners are here to assist you in your awakening. Energy Amplifiers continuously work to convert negative energy to positive energy. They also pull EMFs from the area.