What People are Saying

"God Bless You, Sheila!


I love you! We all love you!! :)

You do such amazing work and bring so much goodness and greatness into our world. I 'wish' I could do it... honestly.

You are so awesome. Thank you for making my life easier and more joyful... like really.

You are one of my favorite online show hosts, if not the fave, if I had to pick one. :) I love your sincerity and genuineness, your voice and the way you hold a beautiful space for everyone listening in. Thank you so much.

I hear what you're saying about dark and painful times. God Bless you, Sheila. Much much much love and heart-felt blessings and prayers to you.





                                   "Thank you Sheila, You're the Mother Theresa of self-evolution."

                                      Sincerely Susan Gaca,

                                      Omaha, NE

"You are such a blessing to us all. Over the years we have shared your uplifting and honest open heart which is priceless. Sincerity from you comes in abundance and you are wished the absolute highest on this earth plane.


Thank you for being you, for the speakers on your show and for your compassionate, caring, loving and Christ-like purity that gives every one of us the will to strive for what we know inside is our birthright. Thank you for being an inspiration and for all the work you do that we don't know about behind the scenes. You have kept us connected to Source through your honesty year after year and together the community can soar in oneness to the ultimate goal of life. You have been a major player in the game of life - Thank you so much Sheila.


In gratitude, love, and silence.



“I listened to the teleconference 3 times over the course of the day. Whenever I was in a queue or on the bus or making a cup of tea, I consciously kept returning to my joyful feeling.


The difference in my mood in 24 hours is amazing! I feel lighter and more relaxed and just plain happier. For the first time I really understand that joy can come, regardless of those external circumstances. I just wanted to say thank you and just share the ripple effect of your teleconference.


It has made such a genuine difference to me. Thank you!"




"Your excercise is doable and I really appreciate the nitty-gritty details. I will let you know how it is working for me. Thank you, Sheila!"




“What a difference a day makes living in joy, I have been doing what you suggested and I’ve listen to your recording 4 times. An amazing day on my new adventure, thought I’d share as I feel you'd understand... I’m not trying to intellectually understand the exercise, I’m just looking for the good, joyful feeling.❤️


Thank you 🙏